An advanced guide to HTML and CSS

Lately, I’m catching up with my reading list - have a bunch of links bookmarked over the last year or so. Found a little gem today that I would like to share…

Rise of the SilverReader

Yes, you read that right. Rise of the SilverReader, not Rise of the Silver Surfer.

MS NetWork 2013 Presentation and Samples

Microsoft NetWork 2013 conference was great. It’s the biggest IT conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina, held in Teslić this year. I had a chance to meet some pretty cool people. Thanks to organizers for making an excellent event.

jQuery UI Autocomplete - Filter words starting with term

I had an interested problem with jQuery UI Autocomplete yesterday. The client required that the search / filtering should be done from the beginning of the word only. By default, jQuery UI Autocomplete filters through the list matching the term in the middle of the word.

Using FluentMigrator with MSBuild

I have been playing with FluentMigrator lately, trying to implement the features I had with my old, SQL script based tool.