Welcome to my blog. My name is Miroslav Popovic. I am somewhat independent web and .NET development consultant, currently employed at Abacus Solutions & Consulting.

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Recent Posts

Sep 19 2014

MS Community 2014 Presentation

Where to download presentation and sample codes for MS Community 2014 conference talk - Building modern web in Microsoft world.

Apr 22 2014

Time to learn AngularJS

My thoughts on Durandal and Angular convergence

Jan 19 2014

An advanced guide to HTML and CSS

Recommendation for a great HTML & CSS tutorial

html cssfrontend
Jun 28 2013

Rise of the SilverReader

An announcement post of a new Google Reader alternative - SilverReader.

Apr 5 2013

MS NetWork 2013 Presentation and Samples

Where to download presentation and sample codes for MS NetWork 2013 conference talk - Easy Transition to HTML5 using MVVM.

Jun 23 2012

jQuery UI Autocomplete: Filter words starting with term

Filtering out the items in jQuery UI Autocomplete by matching the beginning of the string, instead of in the middle (default)

Jun 12 2012

Using FluentMigrator with MSBuild

My new CodeProject article, this time on db migration and maintenance

Jun 10 2012


Time to start fresh... again...