Speaking Engagements

On Wednesday, 29. April, I’m holding a talk “Tales from the client side” on 5th Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina NetWork conference. The samples and presentation are available at https://github.com/miroslavpopovic/msnetwork5-sample.

Switching to Jekyll

I decided to switch my blog from FunnelWeb to Jekyll and host it on GitHub Pages. There were some problems along the way so I’m documenting it here in case it might help someone. If you want a more detailed introduction to Jekyll, read Brian Rinaldi’s Getting Started with Jekyll post.

ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) Presentation

Ten days ago, I held a talk “ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)” on our local user group meeting. Slides on English and Serbian language, with examples, can be found here: http://miroslavpopovic.github.io/ecmascript6/.

MS Community 2014 Presentation

I held a talk “Building modern web in Microsoft world” on this year’s Microsoft Community conference. Thanks for everyone who attended. The conference was great as always. Damir and Enis did a great job organizing it.

Time to learn AngularJS

A week ago, Rob Eisenberg announced that the future version of Durandal will be called AngularJS 2.0. What seemed to be a late April 1. joke proved to be true. Rob joined AngularJS core team as a full-time external contractor and they are already on the way, building the web’s most advanced framework.